Visuddha – The Throat Chakra

“Ask and ye shall receive.” This is the message of the fifth chakra, Visuddha, in all its gleaming, blue glory. Of the seven main chakras in the body, it is the gateway to the spiritual and mental realms. This is the chakra that connects you to the universe. Are you ready to receive abundance through Visuddha?

Situated at the base of your neck, in the hollow between the collar bones, Visuddha, not surprisingly, is connected to verbal communication and creative expression. It spins in close proximity to your cervical and brachial plexuses, and therefore governs the health of the neck, throat, arms and hands – all the things a human being uses to communicate with.

Each chakra is also aligned with an endocrine gland. Visuddha is connected to the thyroid – the gland situated just below your voice box – which regulates the speed at which your body completes its functions.

Visuddha’s element is ether – the light, airy stuff spirit is made of. The fifth chakra is also connected to sound and vibration. Ether and vibrations are the matrix of the universe, and Visuddha works with these to help you manifest your thoughts and goals into material reality.

Through the gateway of this chakra, you can begin to understand your oneness with the universe. If your throat chakra is balanced, you can ask the universe for anything you need and it will come your way surprisingly quickly. But are you ready to receive the many gifts that Visuddha wants you to have? Most people feel undeserving. Visuddha wants you to learn the humble act of receiving.

The name Visuddha means purification. You have to be in a state of purity to start consciously manifesting your own reality. Do you speak your truth without hurting people? This is the lesson of the fifth chakra. Visuddha is the first gateway to your intuition. Tibetan monks work with this chakra to induce lucid dreaming.

If your throat chakra is deficient in chi, or energy, you may be a shy, timid sort of person who is too afraid to speak much. You might, after a while, begin to see the world as a terrible place and view things only through your own prejudices and ego. You may be a stick-in-the-mud, unwilling to budge or change your ways. Physically, you may suffer from asthma or recurrent laryngitis, tightness of the jaw, or problems with the throat, ears and neck.

If there is too much energy in this chakra you may be a chatterbox, so busy speaking about yourself that you forget to listen to others.

A person with a balanced throat chakra speaks their truth, even in the face of adversity, and then steps back to listen.

Each chakra responds to a musical note and vibration. Visuddha’s note is G. The chakra dancers know that Visuddha responds to light, airy movements. Here they are dancing to specially composed music, to rebalance the fifth chakra.

You can give your chakras a further tune-up by chanting different vowel sounds as you dance. The corresponding vowel sound for Visuddha is “eh” as in “feather”.

Once you have mastered this chakra, opportunities will come your way as you enter into a two-way dialogue with the universe. Through truthful, creative and verbal expression, and respect for others, the bounty of Visuddha could be yours.

Just a word of warning though: Be careful what you wish for. You just might get it.