Polarity Therapy

Polarity Therapy

Have you ever wanted to try something that combines eastern understanding and western science? Polarity therapy may be just what you’re looking for. With a basis in counselling, diet and nutrition, and exercise and body work, it’s a well-rounded therapy that is suitable for anyone and everyone.
Steven Sass is a passionate polarity therapist.
“Anyone and everyone can benefit from polarity therapy, especially the elderly. Their response is phenomenal! Anyone that is feeling low on energy, polarity literally recharges you. I have had lasting success treating back pain, headaches, RSI, breathing difficulties, neck pain … I could go on and on. Even if there’s nothing physically wrong, other people will validate your betterment after a polarity treatment.”
The intensity of the treatment depends on what is called for and whether it is appropriate for the individual. A client feeling lethargic and sluggish needs vigorous movement to inspire their energy to spark up but if that client has broken bones or headaches, then a more mild approach is called for. The professional will always inform you as to what is involved in the treatment and check to see that you are comfortable with it.
There are five elements in polarity therapy and these are energies that allow and give rise to life within the body. They are ether, fire, air, water and earth. Each has its own centre, frequency, and field of functioning within the body. The degree to which the elements are flowing freely determines your wellbeing, for each exerts its own influence on your body’s functioning.
A typical treatment period is five treatments at regular intervals. This can be one session a week, or two sessions in the first week followed by weekly treatments. As each person is different, your polarity therapist will give you a treatment program based on your needs.
What are some of the things that are involved in a polarity treatment session? There is polarity yoga (which is different to other forms of yoga), nutrition, counselling and body work.
“The difference between polarity and other forms of yoga is that attaining the completed posture is not the primary concern in polarity. It doesn’t matter if you can’t copy the pictures in the book to perfection. Your focus concerning your body and the quality of your breathing are of greater importance. There are no positions of discomfort or complexity in this form of yoga.”
As for nutrition, there are two diets in polarity. The cleansing diet is designed to clean out the system, both physically and energetically, with specific guidelines as to what combination of foods to eat and when to eat them.
The building diet is designed to be a follow-on from the cleansing diet and focuses on building the body from a state of health. Both are vegetarian diets.
Counselling in polarity therapy is geared toward promoting an optimistic and uplifting view on life and its circumstances. Polarity therapists commonly provide counselling at the same time as physical treatment. This helps to create a solid mind-body connection.
Finally, we have body work. It is a touch therapy using the fingers and thumbs, utilising varying degrees of pressure and movement at specific locations to effect a therapeutic energetic change within the body.
So if you’re feeling a little under the weather in any way, why not try polarity therapy? With its blend of east and west, it’s the perfect holistic treatment. Go on, give it a go. You’ll feel so much healthier in your mind, body and soul!

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Steven Sass is the Principal Therapist & Founder of the Lotus Palm Center of Health and Healing – dedicated to promoting Health, Healing and Wholistic Lifestyle, both in peoples lives and in the greater Community.
You can contact Steven via email on info@lotuspalm.com.au

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