Personal Training

Personal Training

If you are serious about improving your fitness, joining a gym is one of many ways to lose those extra kilos. But if you’re really serious about getting the desired results – whether they be weight loss, or weight gain in the form of muscle – a qualified fitness professional will help you focus on your goals and take the relevant steps to set you on your path to achieve them.
Once believed to be a must-have accessory for movie stars and the rich, today you don’t need a super-sized salary to afford a personal trainer.
Costa is a fully-qualified fitness professional working as a personal trainer. Joey is a performer, and employed Costa some months ago to improve his overall fitness. He specifically wanted to increase his muscle mass. Costa personalised a training regime for Joey which includes weight training.
Exercising with weights is an anaerobic exercise. Anaerobic exercise works muscles at high intensity for a short period of time. It helps us increase our muscle strength and stay ready for quick bursts of speed and power – think of short and fast when you think of anaerobic exercise.
With Costa as his trainer, Joey is achieving the desired results in strength and weight gain.
A professional personal trainer has undergone a specific course of learning to qualify as a fitness instructor. Their studies can vary from person to person but generally a trainer will have a good knowledge of anatomy, physiology and a wide-ranging awareness of exercise methods and techniques. Personal trainers can also give basic advice on nutrition as part of a personalised training regime.
If your schedule is busy, a trainer can assist you with tips on how to use your time in the gym effectively. You can rest assured that your safety is paramount when supervised by a trainer. Bad habits are easily formed when unsupervised and injuries can occur, but a trainer will show you how to go about your workout in the safest way and at the right intensity, monitoring your progress and encouraging you to exceed your past exercise achievements.
Achieving your personal best is essentially up to you. You have to put the hard work in, but employing a personal trainer will set you on the path to a new level of physical fitness and can put the fun back into exercise. But remember to always consult your doctor before taking on any form of exercise.
If you are motivated enough to invest in some personal training sessions, rest assured – with time, determination and consistency, you could be on the way to a whole new you!

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