Life Coaching

Life Coaching

Does your life feel out of balance or are you unhappy? Are you rushed, stressed or wondering if what you have is all there is? Maybe a life coach is just the thing you need to put things into perspective and get your life back on track.
Life coaching is less about counselling and more about action, as it involves creating goals and accountability. Kate James from Total Balance explains the process.
“Life coaching is a process whereby the client and the coach meet in regular intervals to review the client’s life. The client discusses where they are currently in relation to each of these areas and where they would like to be. The discrepancy between these two is what we call the ‘gap’. Closing some of these gaps is the objective of the coaching process.
“We develop a few key goals for the client to achieve during the coaching process and then, throughout the relationship, help the client to become more self-aware. They learn about what stops them from achieving their goals and work on strategies to push through the barriers.
“Actions are detailed during each session and these are followed up at subsequent sessions, creating the accountability part of the process which some would argue is one of the most effective parts of coaching.”
It’s easy for our lives to be pushed out of balance, whether it be through working too hard, not knowing what success means to you, or trying to achieve goals too quickly and forgetting to enjoy the journey.
Being out of balance causes problems, such as stress and depression. Relationships can suffer as well. The process of life coaching can help you put things back into perspective and has plenty of benefits.
“Apart from the simple process of airing your problems to a supportive and empathetic listener, the process is relatively structured. We look at what’s working in your life, what isn’t and we ask, ‘What are we going to do about it?’ There is some time spent reviewing how the client got to this point but mostly the process is forward focused and action oriented, which means people get results quickly. It’s a little bit different to counselling – we’re not looking backwards.
“Anyone who is really open to life coaching can benefit from it. It’s not ideal to send someone to coaching without them being willing to give it a try, as there needs to be a ‘buy-in’ from the client.
“Having a coach can be really life changing. Not only do you up the ante on your personal goals but you learn and grow as an individual as you become more self-aware. Everyone benefits from looking at their lives and seeing how they can become more personally fulfilled. I have a coach myself and there’s nothing as great!”
Life coaching is a great way to get your life how you want it to be. Why settle for second best when a few sessions with a coach can see you living a life that’s free of stress and immensely satisfying?


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