Swadisthana – The Sacral Chakra

Located just one inch below your navel is a little wheel of energy known as the sacral chakra. Swadisthana, which means abode of the vital force, is the centre of your pleasure, creativity, sensuality, nurturance and emotions. In other words, this little powerhouse of energy has the potential to provide you with a whole lot of fun!

If you enjoy painting, writing or dancing, the chances are your genius flashes of inspiration are being fuelled by Swadisthana. Focusing on the energies of the second chakra puts you in contact with your inner child, and your inner, wild woman or man. And since it is also the centre of nurturance and emotions, this chakra governs how you relate to other people. Relationships are key to Swadisthana.

Physically it is related to all things liquid in the body, like the circulatory system, the urinary tract and waste elimination, and the reproductive organs. Problems with the functioning of Swadisthana may, therefore, manifest themselves as impotence or lack of interest in your partner; diseases of the blood, like leukaemia; or dramatic emotional outbursts followed by periods of apathy and lifelessness. People with imbalances of this chakra may also be attracted to drugs and alcohol, and be given to excessive thinking and planning, and, therefore, stress.

Dance and music can play a vital role in keeping Swadisthana and the other six major chakras healthy. Each chakra vibrates to a specific note and colour. Chakra Dance is a form of movement therapy that has been devised to get people in tune with each energy centre using this knowledge. Swadisthana is associated with the element of water. Orange and yellow are the colours most often associated with this chakra. The musical note for Swadisthana is D. Here the chakra dancers are performing fluid, flowing, formless movements to music especially written for this chakra.

Swadisthana spins rather slowly, but not as slowly as your first base chakra located below it.

The health of Swadisthana, the second chakra, depends directly on the health of the first chakra. If you have your finances, diet and accommodation sorted out, this leaves the way free for you to relate well to other people and have a little extra time and energy on your hands to be creative and motivated in the areas that inspire you.

So here’s to Swadisthana – the abode of the vital force. The chakra fun is made of!