Organic Haircolour

Girls, now it’s possible to look trendy and modern without dousing yourself in heavy metals and dangerous chemicals. Keep your health and hair happy with the latest in organic colour technology.

As hairdresser and Salon Seduction owner Therese says: “Why would you not use chemicals on your kitchen floor anymore, but you are going to put them on your head?”

Therese has been in the business of dressing hair for over twenty years. A few years ago, she came down with mysterious symptoms which made it hard for her to continue to work in the field. Doctors thought the severe pains in Therese’s arms and hands might be arthritis or RSI, resulting from overuse of her hand muscles as she cuts and colours.

But Therese wasn’t convinced. After further investigation, she was found to have copper poisoning. Where was it coming from? The hair dyes she was using on her clients; ordinary hair dyes that are available on the shelves for most of us to use. Therese worried about the long-term health effects on her clients. If she was ill from putting chemical dyes on her hands, what effect was it having when she put them on her clients’ heads?

Therese decided it was time for a big change. She quit her original job and opened her own salon, stocking only the purest in organic haircare and colourants she could find. She has never looked back. Three months after swapping from the traditional, chemical hair colourants to these leading edge, non-toxic, plant-based dyes, Therese’s symptoms disappeared.

Salon Seduction keeps the overall health of the client in mind when it comes to cosmetics. Even the shampoos are free from skin-irritating sulphates. You can browse amongst the organic ‘miessence’ range and take home chemical-free products for your skin as well.

Organic Haircolor

Therese even stocks organic toothpaste. She is trying to spread the message that life can be chemical-free, not just for the sake of yourself, but for the sake of the environment as well.

And just because you’re going organic, doesn’t mean you have to be tame in the colour department. The new, plant-based dye colour range is just as wild and sexy as anything you can get in the chemical range.

Check out Kate’s hair. The blonde bob and the purple streak are achievable without the use of harsh chemicals. Or perhaps you would prefer Therese’s blonde bombshell tones, or the sultry warm hues of a brunette. Whatever your style, fashion doesn’t have to hurt!

Ordinary chemical dyes have additives, like ammonia and peroxide, in them to strip the hair shaft of its colour and make the shaft porous enough to sap up the new colour. Therese uses infra-red technology to open the pores in the shaft so the dye enters and takes more easily. It’s way less damaging than traditional methods.

Therese is in the process of making her entire salon eco-friendly. Recently she installed a mains water filter for a mere $1500, which extracts chemicals, like chlorine and flouride, from the mains tap supply before it hits her clients’ heads.

Many women come to Salon Seduction, particularly pregnant and breastfeeding women who know that ammonia and chemical-free dyes are not going to harm their babies. Therese is happy to note that many mothers are teaching their young daughters about living chemical-free, and she has several generations of women coming into her salon.

But where are the boys? It’s very fashionable for young men to bleach and dye their hair these days and they should be just as caring about their health as women are. So come on lads, fashionable follicles need not be chemical laden. Do your health a favour and go organic.

Salon Seduction Hair & Beauty of South Yarra provide clients with informed options on what to put on their hair and body.