Pelotherapy – Magnificent Mud

The healing waters of the Dead Sea have drawn kings and queens to its shores in search of health and restoration for thousands of years.

Paradoxically, this inland sea is the giver of life…
It is home to the most mineral-rich brine on the planet.
Just ask Herod and Cleopatra – they took the plunge!

This hyper-saline sea contains 21 minerals in vastly greater concentrations than ocean water. Magnesium, potassium, sodium and bromine are present in high amounts, and it is probably due to these minerals that the Dead Sea has become a mecca for psoriasis sufferers and patients with rheumatic complaints.

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People have been known to shake off their skin complaints in four days here. Not only are the waters wondrous, but the air by the Dead Sea is curiously pollen-free and richer in oxygen. The ozone layer is thicker, and the extra atmosphere over the Dead Sea – thanks to it being the lowest point on the earth’s surface – filters out harmful UVB rays. It’s the perfect place for a healthy holiday, whether you’re suffering breathing, muscular or skin ailments.

Not everyone can pack up their bags and make the trip to Jordan, however. But who needs an airline ticket to the Dead Sea when the Dead Sea can come to you. Pelotherapy is becoming popular in spas and retreats all over the world, thanks to the export of wonderfully mineral-rich mud courtesy of the Dead Sea.

Pelotherapy at Hepburn SpaThe deep, dark tones of Dead Sea mud have inspired the name ‘black mud’. Scientists call it pelloid.
It is enriched with millions of years worth of compressed plants and animals, now present in the dark lather in the form of humic acid – the healing element in Dead Sea mud.

Pelotherapy is the act of smearing oneself in this silken goo – or having a practitioner do the smearing for you – and laying back to let it work its magic.
It doesn’t hurt to spread it directly onto an affected area, in fact it feels quite soothing.
For enhanced absorption, the client is often placed in a full body steamer which opens the pores and really lets the mineral mud soak right into the skin.

Twenty minutes later and your skin – the largest organ of your body – is fully cleansed and detoxified.

Soaking in a pelloid rich SpaIf you’re not into getting gooey, the pelloid can be added to spa water where the jets help the mud relax tired, tense muscles. It smells curiously pleasant and feels no different from fresh, clear water.
If it’s that unique Dead Sea floating experience you’re after, then many spas import bags of Dead Sea salt to add to their pools. This makes the water so dense you become incredibly buoyant, expending no energy at all as you float the day away on top of the water. Just close your eyes and relax.

It’s incredible that not a single creature can live in the Dead Sea, but a soak in its unique waters will make you feel more alive and well than you have for a long time.

Hepburn Spa Resort is Australia’s main mineral water spa and offers a full range of treatments including spa baths, massages, mud wraps, facials, and flotation tanks.