Hepburn Spa

People from all over the world are finding peace, rest and healing deep in the heart of Australia’s spa country. Nestled away in a country town called Daylesford, at a world-class mineral springs reserve, the Hepburn Spa Resort has stood for well over a century.

It is here you can come to float away your stress and soak yourself back to health in the medicinal waters.

Spa culture is thousands of years old and, despite the rapid advancements in modern medicine, the healing powers of a good soak in a warm mineral-rich brew have stood the test of time.

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Here at the Hepburn Spa Resort, the waters from the many springs in the reserve are pumped directly into the pools.
They are laden with essential trace elements, such as Calcium for muscle and bone maintenance;
Silica, which is great for strengthening bone;
Magnesium, which is essential for good kidney function;
Bicarbonate, which balances the pH of the bloodstream;
and Iron, which, of course, is essential for carrying oxygen in the body.

If this isn’t enough, the waters can be further enriched with essential oils, Dead Sea salts, or mineral mud at your request. Taking time out in the jet-spa couches overlooking the gorgeous Spring Creek is the perfect way to cap off a massage, a mud wrap, a reflexology session, or a skin-rejuvenating facial.

The emphasis at Hepburn is on the health and well-being of all who walk through the doors. Many people find welcome relief from skin conditions, such as psoriasis and eczema, by allowing these minerals to seep deep into the skin. The warm embrace of these special waters is also a remedy for arthritis and sore, swollen joints.

The waters are heated to a glorious 34 degrees Celsius in the pools and a toasty 38 degrees in the spas. Not surprisingly, many people come to Hepburn Spa Resort to take respite from the winter chills.

Marguerite, the manager of the retreat, explains:

“Right throughout winter and into spring, which we’re in now, but definitely in the colder months, people want to be by the open fires. They want to have the hot mulled wine, they want to take the baths, they want to have the waters, they want to have the massage with the hot towels and the warm oils. It’s all about winter. Yeah. That’s when they tend to really nurture and care and take time out. And the colder the better -– if it’s snowing, they love it.”

And while you’re there soaking up all that health and wellness, don’t forget to drink the waters as well.
– There are over 70 mineral springs throughout the region and each has its own unique flavour and healing capacity.
So if you’re looking for a world-class getaway where you can go to tune up and out for a while, take a visit to Daylesford, recently voted the world’s funkiest town.

The healing waters of this famous region will no doubt put the spring right back in your step.


Hepburn Spa Resort is Australia’s main mineral water spa and offers a full range of treatments including spa baths, massages, mud wraps, facials, and flotation tanks.