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Everyone loves to visit a spa. After all, we love to be pampered, and after a treatment we feel amazing. Instead of visiting a spa, why not try an at-home spa treatment?

Now you can have luxury in your very own bathroom! Danielle Atkin of Dead Sea Products knows there are plenty of benefits.

“Home spa products offer a cost-effective alternative to constantly visiting day spas or beauty salons. However, visiting day spas and beauty salons is still important for your health and wellbeing. Your beautician is an expert in this field and can thoroughly analyse your skin and recommend the best products for you. Also, visiting a day spa is a complete experience for your mind, body and soul where you can completely unwind.”

Dead Sea Products

Home spa products are great as they give a person a very effective skin and body regime. They’re also affordable, easy to use and keep your skin looking great.

An ideal spa at-home treatment starts by exfoliating dead skin cells by using a salt body scrub. This should be massaged into the skin for around 5 minutes and will make your skin look brighter and feel silky smooth as well. And it’s great for getting rid of cellulite!

Next, apply a warm mud treatment over the body – but not the face – and leave for about 15 minutes. You should feel tingling as the mud draws out the impurities, and it’s excellent for detoxifying, improving skin tone, and helping muscular aches and pains. Shower off the mud and dry.

Lastly, apply a powerful moisturiser which not only moisturises and nourishes but also tones and smoothes the skin. The essential oils in a quality, natural product make your bathroom smell great too!

Home spa products aren’t just for improving the way your skin looks. They can also help with ailments such as eczema and psoriasis.

In regards to acne, there are many products on the market that are designed to alleviate problematic skin, and a good skin care regime at home can certainly assist skin issues.

The Dead Sea is situated at the lowest spot on Earth, 400 metres below sea level. The mineral concentrations in the Dead Sea are well over ten times that of the oceans and these minerals have powerful effects on the skin. Cleopatra was actually one of the first users of the Dead Sea to ensure her skin was beautiful.

So why not give home spa products a go? No matter what products you use, you’ll definitely feel the benefits. Burn some candles, play some soft music, and the aromas in your bathroom will make you feel completely relaxed. Even better, your skin will feel amazing!

Dead Sea products used in this story are distributed in Australia by Dead Sea Beauty Products