Crystal Bowl Healing

Lisa has a bad case of the mid winter blues.

Icy temperatures and blustery winds have left her with a throat infection, slow circulation and low energy levels. Perhaps a healing with Reiki Master Angela Rowlands will leave her energy and throat feeling crystal clear.

Inspired by Buddhist healers who use brass bowls and chanting to cure people of all sorts of maladies, Angela also uses sound to heal her patients.

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Pure quartz crystal bowls are struck in progression. Sometimes a sustained note is accomplished by running the stick around the rim of the bowl as it is held over a particular part of the recipients body.
Each bowl resonates at a different note and this is crucial to Angela’s healing method. She is working on balancing the energy centres of the body called chakras. According to eastern traditions, each chakra is associated with a specific colour and also responds to a different  musical note.
As a bowl is struck over Lisa’s heart chakra, Angela instructs her to breathe in the green vibrations,  this is the colour associated with this particular energy centre.

crystal bowl healing
Lisa slips deeper and deeper into relaxation. She feels as though her body has taken on the form of rippling water. Usually, Lisa feels cold when she lies down for a healing because she suffers from low blood pressure, but the vibrations from the bowls are quite invigorating and she feels warm. All of a sudden, Lisa feels as though her awareness has moved out of her body and is watching from the centre of the room.

Angela has sensed that something is amiss around Lisa’s ear area and concentrates on the chakras associated with this part of the anatomy. She also employs a rock quarts crystal to clear the congested energy.
Quartz crystal bowls are a fairly new addition to the healing arts. Ironically, these crystal bowls were initially designed by the computer manufacturing industry to make parts for machines. Musicians were the first to discover the magnificent sound these finely hewn objects release when gently tapped. A crystal bowls pitch cannot be pre-empted by the manufacturer. What will be, will be.

Each bowl is tested for it’s note upon completion and assigned an appropriate chakra. A bowl resonating to the note of C will be assigned to the root chakra, those emanating D to the sacral chakra, moving further up the body, bowls singing in E are good for the solar plexus chakra your centre of self confidence and inner power.

F will open up the heart chakra. The throat chakra likes the note of G. Bowls that sing in A can stimulate your brow chakra, and your crown likes the top note of B. Only the most flawless bowls are used in the healing arts.
People come from miles around to receive healings in Angela’s house and she also packs up her delicate bowls and takes them around to schools to educate children on the nature of their subtle etheric bodies.

A crystal bowl healing should be administered by a practitioner well versed in the knowledge of the energy centres of the body and how these relate to the physiology. Of course crystal bowl healing is best used a compliment to orthodox medicine if the illness is a serious one.