Bowen Therapy

I expect to pass through this world but once, any good thing therefore that I do, or any kindness that I can show to any living creature, let me do it now. Let me not defer or neglect it, for I shall not pass this way again.
… These words hung on the wall of a humble working class man who gave the world the gift of healing.

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Tom Bowen, from Geelong in Australia left the legacy of his healing hands to be passed on to a new generation and today, Bowen therapists practice his wonderful technique around the globe.

Noela Corby has been a Bowen therapist for the past 8 yrs. Suffering from stubborn rheumatoid arthritis, Noela tried everything western medicine had to offer and was getting nowhere fast. A medical doctor, a friend of hers, suggested she try a Bowen therapy session as it would surely proffer her some relief.

Noela was a nurse practicing conventional medicine at the time. She had no desire to take part in this style of healing but went along for the treatment anyway – preparing herself for a waste of time. To Noela’s surprise, she came out of the Bowen Therapy session feeling wonderfully pain free, and her skepticism melted away.

What had just happened? Noela had to find out more, and today is an experienced Bowen Therapist herself, healing many patients in the comfort of her own home.

Gentle Hands-on technique

    So what is Bowen Therapy exactly?

Founder Tom Bowen referred to it as a form of Osteopathy. Most of his patients presented themselves with bad backs and various musculoskeletal problems. He had no idea initially, that he was also healing people on emotional planes.

Alycia has come to Noela for a treatment today. She is only thirteen yrs old, but this form of healing is safe to use on people of all ages from infants to the elderly. Bowen therapy works on many levels, physical mental, emotional and spiritual. Alycia doesn’t have any physical complaints, she has come along for a pick me up from the pressures of school.

In times of stress , the body’s fascia becomes glued causing pain. Bowen Therapy encourages fluid flow to all systems. Energy levels increase and pain falls away at the touch of a Bowen Therapist. This form of therapy is even safe to use in acute situations where other forms of medicine may be inappropriate.

Treatments are performed through clothing or directly onto the skin. Light to firm pressure is applied to muscles and ligaments in specific sequences initially developed by Tom.

As this form of healing involves the movement of energy, Noela stands back and gives Alycia plenty of rest periods. The quiet moments will allow Alycia to digest the energy as things get flowing again.

Bowen Therapy is not just a passive form of healing. It encourages the body to tap into its self healing potential. At the end of the treatment Alycia arises feeling light, calm and peaceful. Her session lasted 30 minutes, but sessions sometimes go for the full hour.
Safe treatment for Children
Gorgeous Declan is testimony to the potency of Bowen Therapy. About a year ago, this little man was diagnosed with cancer of the testes. Noela performed Bowen Therapy on her grandson at every opportunity. Declan avoided chemotherapy instead opting for an operation. He received no other treatment aside from Bowen Therapy after this.
Declan has been given a clean bill of health by orthodox medicine. As of today, he is officially in remission. The road was hard and long for young Declan. But for most people with minor complaints, three Bowen Therapy sessions is usually sufficient to effect a cure.

Healing Hands statue in Geelong Victoria
It is best to leave 5 to 10 days between each treatment depending on the patient’s condition. The effects of Bowen Therapy are usually immediate, but some people take two days to process and feel the healing.

One wonders if Tom Bowen had any idea that his unique healing technique would reach out and touch so many lives. From the hands of a humble cement works employee who started out healing his local footy teams on the weekends, this amazing hands on experience has grown exponentially and is now taking the world by storm.