Ayurvedan Remedies

In ancient Sanskrit, Ayurveda medicine literally translates as the science of life and longevity and is considered one of the world’s first holistic healthcare systems, dating back over 4000 years.

Customising herbal medicines to an individual’s constitution is central to Ayurveda practice. The monks who first began to develop theories of wellness discovered that the taste and the synergic action of a herb determines its healing power: cleansing, balancing or rejuvenating. Getting the right combination of herbs and minerals plays a big role in starting and sustaining the recovery and rejuvenation process.

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At Ayurvedan Oasis, the Shamana herb and mineral preparations aim to balance and stabilise the digestive system. This is because the ultimate goal of treatment is to reignite the correct digestive fires, allowing the body to regain its inner wisdom. Louise uses the metaphor of fire; when the pilot light of a person’s vitality is only flickering, the whole system will be thrown out of kilter and toxic amas will manifest in the organs and tissues.

There is also a strong emphasis on getting the right dietary advice your body really needs in order to heal. And of course, gaining an improved understanding of your constitution and nutritional requirements gives you greater control over your health, giving you a better chance of achieving long-lasting vitality.

The wonder of Ayurveda, Louise believes, is that it functions on a ‘cellular intelligence’, restoring the agni(life force) and bringing the body back into harmony, both within itself and in its relationship with the external world.

Following a thorough dosha diagnosis, a range of Shamana herbs and minerals are prepared by Louise, using a vast array of herbal ingredients, many of them grown and prepared in India.

As you’ve probably already discovered, some eastern therapies involve taking nasty-tasting tonics. Not so with Ayurveda – everything smells and tastes delicious!

There are four categories of medication Louise can prescribe. Powdered herbs can be taken with water or warmed milk, or as ready-formulated tablets.

Then there are the very edible herbal jams, called Avaleha or Chyavanaprash, which can be eaten by the spoonful.

Medicated herbal wines, which taste like delicious schnapps, are called Arishtas or Asavas, and are diluted with warm water.

The fourth category is the heavy metals, called Bhasma, which bind with toxins and are flushed out of the body. Because everything is so easy to access and prepare, you won’t have any problems keeping up with your medication!

And for those who really want to embrace the Ayurvedic way of life, Louise is happy to provide herbal recipes you can learn to prepare at home with honey and ghee. Louise passionately believes that learning to empower yourself and taking active responsibility for your health is crucial.

Of course, the Ayurvedan Oasis isn’t only a place to find a cure for persistent ailments. Maintaining optimal health – keeping from running down and leaving yourself open to illness – is just as important. Cleansing, rejuvenation and relaxation are the cornerstones of Ayurveda medicine, and Louise’s practice offers everything you need to keep in excellent condition. With so many pleasurable tastes and sensations to experience, it’s easy to see why so many people are turning to the restorative power of Ayurveda.

Ayurvedan Oasis was established by Louise Darragh-Law, an Ayurvedic practitioner with 20 years’ experience in the natural health field. Louise has studied Ayurveda with Dr Vasant Lad, Dr Robert Svoboda and at the College of Ayurveda in London. In addition to running Ayurvedan Oasis in Melbourne, she regularly travels to India for advanced studies in Ayurvedic clinical practice.