Anahata – The Heart Chakra

We have now reached the halfway point in our journey of discovery concerning the seven main chakras of the body. Anahata, our fourth chakra, sits just over our heart and keeps our bodies and minds in balance.

To keep the bottom three chakras (which are connected to the external physical world) balanced with the top three chakras (which are connected to the internal, mental and spiritual world) all you need is love. And Anahata is a huge reservoir just waiting to be tapped.

The heart chakra is often associated with the colours green and pink. For this reason, jade and rose quartz are worn by people looking for balance in their fourth chakra. This chakra vibrates to the musical note F.

It is associated with the element air and symbolised by two triangles placed over each other; one pointing up, the other down. This signifies the interlinking role Anahata has regarding our spiritual and physical natures.

The chakra dancers know the moves to keep Anahata in balance. Moves that explore the opposites within us – the yin and the yang; the introverted and extroverted – are performed to get in touch with the fourth chakra.

Anahata governs the heart, hands, lungs, shoulders, breast, thymus, oesophagus and the circulatory system of the physical body. Blockages in this chakra can manifest themselves as diseases in these parts. The heart chakra records and stores emotional information regarding the people we love; therefore, emotionally hurtful experiences can often trigger physical symptoms in body parts associated with this energy wheel.

Have you ever known someone who gets an asthma attack if they are emotionally upset? This is probably due to Anahata closing itself up a bit. Heart problems and immunity problems are connected to Anahata also. If you have unresolved childhood hurts, it is best to deal with these for a healthy Anahata. The hurt inner child takes refuge in the heart chakra.

Anahata is often seen as the seat of the spirit. The spiritual lessons Anahata wants to teach us are about compassion, forgiveness, trust and unconditional love. A fourth chakra that is too open will lead a person into being too giving; generous to a fault. If it is too closed, it may lead a person into lacking compassion and empathy. One needs to strike the perfect balance between self-love and the love of others.

There are many yoga postures one can practise to balance Anahata; for example, cobra and fish. These open and energise Anahata.

Anahata is the fulcrum upon which our emotional and physical wellbeing balances. If the scales are tipped too far in either direction, our mind, body and spirit may be at odds with each other. So find the balance in your heart and let your love run free.