Ajna – The Third Eye Chakra

Situated in the middle of your forehead, right between your brows, is the sixth of the seven chakras. The third eye chakra – or Ajna as it is called in Sanskrit – is the centre of your deep spirit self. This is the chakra that time forgot.

The third eye chakra is called the ‘organ of clairvoyance’ by some. The chakra dancers connect with Ajna through music with a high vibration. Ajna relates to the higher frequencies of light, which go beyond sound. The music the chakra dancers choose is almost trance-inducing.

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Ajna is where time ceases to exist. There is no past, no present and no future. Ajna will help you break down the barriers between your individual self and teach you to blend with the cosmic mind in single-pointed consciousness. This is the chakra wherein duality ends. There is no yin and yang here. There is no light and dark; no good and evil. Unconditional truth is the essence of Ajna.

This chakra is often seen by clairvoyant people as having an indigo hue. It spins very swiftly. It governs the eyes, brain, ears, nose and sinuses. Illness can manifest in these body parts if the third eye chakra is not in balance. Eyesight problems, headaches and mental confusion can result.

Wearing crystal quartz may serve to balance Ajna. Sapphire is associated with the sixth chakra too.

The spiritual lessons Ajna wants to impart to us are responsibility for the self, and self-realisation.

Have you ever used positive visualisation to achieve a goal? Then you have connected with Ajna. This is the chakra where ideas, visions and dreams come from before they are made into physical reality.

Not surprisingly, if Ajna is unbalanced you can suffer from nightmares or hallucinations. The pineal gland associated with Ajna produces DMT, a chemical linked to dreaming.

Yoga postures for nourishing the third eye chakra are many. Fish, and shoulder and headstands, are but a few.

Opening up your sixth chakra can awaken your sixth sense, as it is known by some. Travina uses her sixth chakra to clearly hear and see in the spirit realm to heal people. Carol uses Ajna to relate past life experiences to those who are seeking perspective on this life.

So don’t be afraid to step out of time and get in contact with your sixth chakra. Ajna will light the way.